The reason that TMS was founded was to address the shortage of properly trained planning and scheduling professionals in industry today. We are constantly working with new trainees to build up their skills, mentoring clients, and providing world class expert support when needed. Training a new scheduler is not much different from training a software developer, or for that matter a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or bricklayer. The basics of the job are simple, but require practice to master. A big part of what we do involves training new schedulers, getting them on-the-job experience, and if there is a good fit allowing clients to hire them full time into their organizations. Our executive team has been in this industry for decades, and we believe that the more competent planners we can help position with clients the better things will be for everyone.

Other clients may never need full time support, and TMS is able and willing to provide as-needed support where desired. Let’s talk to see what makes sense for you.