"Making their way, the only way they know how" - Waylon Jennings, Theme From the Dukes of Hazzard

One morning in the late 1970's, Mrs. Christoph attended a parent teacher conference at the local elementary school...


Almost 40 years in the making

Our Mom never gets tired of telling us about the time she went to see our 4th grade teacher, Nanzetta Merriman. Eric had been in his class the year before, and now it was time to see how Jeff was doing. 

When she came in and sat down, Mr. Merriman smiled and said, "Mrs. Christoph, if those boys ever go into business together it will be wondrous to behold."

We were very different kids, with different interests. Like most siblings, our lives took a lot of different twists and turns, and although we often talked about going in to business together it just didn't seem to be in the cards.

Until now.

Mr. Merriman was our favorite teacher. We've made Mom wait a long time to see if he was right.