Everything You Need, and Nothing You Don't.

The T-EVMS Add-In for MS Project (click to enlarge)

The Fastest Way to get To EVM Compliance

T-EVMS is a fully EIA-748 compliant Earned Value Management System designed for organizations with smaller projects (< $100 million) or who have small project control teams. The system is designed to create and maintain artifacts that provide the objective evidence described in the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Earned Value Management Systems EIA-748 Intent Guide. The T-EVMS MS Project add-in automates the EVM processes, moving data between MS Project and Excel to generate the system artifacts. The System Description shows how to use the tools, and documents the traceability between the processes and the artifacts that prove compliance. 

The bottom line is that T-EVMS allows your team to have a fully documented and compliant EVMS setup in hours instead of months, with no databases or custom integrations to your other systems. 

Screenshot of the T-EVMS Budget Log Showing Distributions to Control Accounts and Management Reserve

Full EVMS USing Only MS Office Applications

Microsoft Project is the most prevalent scheduling tool for smaller projects, but it can be hard to master for new users and its resource planning capabilities are often overlooked. The T-EVMS add-in for Project allows users to force Project to look and act like an EVMS planning tool, where the main views can be reached simply by pressing a button, resource loading is simple to execute, and automated reviews give color coded indicators and advice to users trying to plan or status tasks. Project and contract data is stored in Excel files, so almost any analyst or engineer has access to the raw data and can see the logs showing how the project has changed and progressed during execution. The only software applications you need are Microsoft Project and Excel, and you do not need special tools training to learn to operate the EVMS.  

EVM contract clause from a civilian agency RFP

Great for new programs, or when you need a system pre-Award

Just realized that your proposal requires a plan to get a compliant EVMS? Why not demonstrate that you have one already? With T-EVMS, all you have to do is add references to your indirect cost management processes to the System Description and you are ready to submit.  T-EVMS is designed for smaller project teams who may not have the time, resources, or skilled staff necessary to install and operate a traditional EIA-748 compliant EVMS. It is also the best answer when you need a compliant system fast. 

While T-EVMS is intended for small teams, it can also be very useful for larger, distributed teams that do not share a common infrastructure. This is because the front end automation is highly powerful when building baselines and statusing, but the use of Excel as the backend data store means that most junior financial analysts will find it very simple to integrate data from any number of differing cost systems.