Schedule Architecture means determining the primary means of dividing tasks into meaningful subdivision of work. At it’s core this is about describing the work in terms of product or phasing. The event based plan is typically based on an Integrated Master Plan (IMP), which tracks the intermediate events that must occur prior to the realization of a major milestone. On the other hand, a product-based Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) describes work in terms of what it takes to build each component of a system, regardless of “when” that component can or should be built during project execution.

Thankfully, you do not need to choose! TMS makes extensive use of Project Outline Codes to allow for multiple views into the planned and actual status of work being performed. This single capability may be the most underutilized (by others) feature in MS Project, and we love seeing client’s reaction when showing them how easy it is to view their projects from different perspectives.