System Design and Implementation

An Earned Value Management System is a set of people, processes, and tools working together to generate four sets of information:

  1. A baseline plan consisting of the cost and schedule objectives for projects in the system.

  2. Records of actual costs accrued during project performance.

  3. Records of actual accomplishments against the baseline plan.

  4. Updated forecasts of future project costs and schedule dates based on achievements to date

Custom BCR Panel Integrated in MS Project

These four data sets provide all the information needed to perform Earned Value analysis. Additional datasets are needed to comply with the EIA-748 standard. These are primarily change logs and work authorizations, and are added to ensure that the information in the four primary data sets is valid.

TMS helps to build systems that meet the EIA-748 standard as well as any specific organizational compliance requirements. This includes the extensive metric tests and process cross checks in the DCMA Data-Driven EVMS Compliance Process.


  • System Descriptions

  • Desktop procedures

  • Compliance checklists

  • Automated workflows and approval logs


  • Performance engine configuration

  • Data integration between accounting and scheduling systems

  • Reporting and analytics dashboard designs

  • Custom tool automation


  • Role-based training (Scheduler, Cost Analyst, CAM, PM)

  • Staff Augmentation